June Toolshed: Tips for Garden Leaders

Top Ten Ideas Worth Sharing: Supporting Garden Volunteers                        

May Toolshed: Tips for Garden Leaders

Garden Communications Before the growing season’s in full swing, make sure there are systems in place for communicating information, ideas, and concerns with and among those involved with your community or school garden (i.e. gardeners, volunteers, teachers, students).  To assess your garden’s communications, start with some basic questions: How do your garden’s coordinators relay announcements, […]

April Toolshed: Tips for Garden Leaders

Getting Garden Volunteers Off to a Good Start:  When managing the communal work of your garden, preparing your garden volunteers early in the season will help keep them engaged for the long term.  Get these volunteers off to a good start by… Setting up systems for effective communication that are easy to use and manage. […]

January Toolshed: Tips for Garden Leaders

Wintertime Garden Gatherings        As the green of our gardens finally get buried in the snow (or not!) many of us gardeners search for ways to stay connected to the growing we love and to the fellow gardeners we miss. Below are a few ideas for continuing to surround ourselves with green by growing, learning and […]

December Toolshed: Tips for Garden Leaders

Rejuvenate Your December tip: Community and school gardens can be demanding efforts and the nature of many who are involved in their coordination is to give, give, and then give some more. As a garden leader, you do the work because you see the need and you’re passionate about gardens, fresh food, and your community. […]

November Toolshed: Tips for Garden Leaders

Garden Budgeting and Fundraising

October Toolshed: Tips for Garden Leaders

Your October Tip: As you begin to wrap up the season, there’s no better time to take stock of your successes, challenges, and lessons learned from this year’s garden. You can start by asking yourselves as garden leaders and your garden community some basic questions. Record your answers, so they can be used to inform […]

September Toolshed: Tips for Garden Leaders

Cooking in the Garden

August Toolshed: Tips for Garden Leaders

By Libby Weiland, Statewide Network Coordinator Your August Tip: What better way to celebrate this time of abundance than to share the bounty! Whether it’s swapping plentiful veggies with fellow gardeners, sharing tasty treats with neighbors and friends, or giving a portion of your produce to a local food shelf or community kitchen—sharing the harvest […]

July Toolshed: Tips for Garden Leaders

By Libby Weiland Your July Tip: Providing educational opportunities at your garden can build gardeners’ confidence and skills, and deepen their interest in gardening, ultimately increasing the likelihood that they’ll stick with gardening throughout the season. If the idea of adding “organize workshop” to your list of things to do this summer seems daunting, here […]