Community Food Scrap Composting Training

Community composters gathered for a Community Food Scrap Composting Training Saturday, October 14, at the Central Vermont Sold Waste Management District facility, in Barre. The training was designed to help small-scale community composters (at community gardens and other community-based locations) fully implement the collection and composting of food scraps. Participants went home with tools and tips for starting new compost operations, adding food scraps to existing compost systems, and advocating for food scrap composting in their communities. Participants received hands-on training at The Garden at 485 Elm, a pilot site in the newly launched *Food Scrap Composting at Community Gardens pilot project.

*For more information on the Food Scrap Composting at Community Gardens pilot project–in which selected groups receive funding, technical assistance and training to start or improve their food scrap composting system–click on this recent article about the pilot project.

For more resources and information on starting or improving your own community food scrap composting project go to:

The Community Food Scrap Compost Training was presented by the Composting Association of Vermont, Vermont Community Garden Network, and Northeast Recycling Council with funding from the High Meadows Fund, Grassroots Fund, a U.S. Department of Agriculture grant, and participating Solid Waste Management Entities.