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As we begin an exciting New Year, we are grateful for all the support from garden friends and advocates. Thank you for making a donation today to ensure the continuation of VCGN’s high-impact food and garden programming throughout 2018. 

We need your support to meet the growing needs of the 370+ community and school garden groups throughout the state. These gardens feed tens of thousands of people and are rich social and educational sites!

Your gift helps more people grow more food for themselves, their families, and neighbors. Together, we are strengthening our food system and building healthy, resilient communities. Our garden partners and students praise our work and want more of what we offer.

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      • NEW YEAR GIVING: Make a gift in a someone’s name and we’ll send them a snazzy VCGN ornament and a card.
      • DONATE BY MAIL: Print out this donation form and mail it to Vermont Community Garden Network, 12 North St. Suite 5, Burlington, VT 05401
      • Matching Gifts: Many companies match charitable gifts made by employees. Examples of companies with matching gift programs are IBM, Gardener’s Supply, Ben & Jerry’s, Keurig Green Mountain, and B.F. Goodrich. Check to see if your employer has a matching gift program and if they do, please submit a matching gift form with your contribution.
      • For planned giving, sustaining gifts, or corporate donations, contact Executive Director Jess Hyman at (802) 861-4769.


RonMillerWhy I give:

“Community gardens address so many vital needs, from food security to community building to teaching and modeling practices of environmental stewardship. Vermont is a national leader in the food localization movement, and the visionary work of the Vermont Community Garden Network is a key element. I know my support makes a difference.”

~ Ron Miller, Donor
2009 VCGN Community Teaching Garden graduate
Board Chair of Sustainable Woodstock

From our garden partners and students:

7809984896_bed20a5d9b“We look at the produce that we purchase and consume in a whole different way! We have our own garden now. It’s something we will do forever.”
~ Community Teaching Garden Graduate, Burlington

“As an educator and organizer in my community I find the work of VCGN to be a tremendous resource. It’s not just the information that these folks convey, it’s how they convey it. I’ve participated in three Grow It! workshops this season and I left each one with a toolkit for communication and networking. The peer-to-peer exchange and hands on engagement are key to my positive experience at these workshops. Not only do I glean valuable growing tips and organizational strategies, but I also walk away with stories to share and ideas that translate to other areas of my job (and life!) beyond the garden.”
~ Garden Coordinator, White River Junction

“Working with VCGN provided the much needed support to build a solid foundation in our first year as a community garden.”
~ New Farms for New Americans

“The Grow It! workshop was like lighting the match and setting off the fireworks.”
~ Garden Leader Workshop Participant, Bennington


“Thanks to the CTG course, I’m ready to get dirty. I don’t feel afraid to get my hands (elbows, knees, face, pants, shirt, shoes and socks) dirty – because it is all about growth. I appreciated being in a shared space – laughing, weeding, learning, and listening with a group of people who were giving it their best shot. There is something about gardening that can bring people together across a lot of communities that is pure joy.”
~ Community Teaching Garden Participant, Burlington