Garden Directory – Instructions

Create a Profile          Claim Your Listing          Submit A New Listing           Update Your Listing

Create a Profile:

  1. Before you can submit a garden listing in the Garden Directory you must create a profile for your garden or organization.
  2. Return to the previous Garden Directory and click the SUBMIT A LISTING button.
  3. Choose “Not Yet Registered.”  This link will have you set up a Username, Email, and Garden Name (see notes on each below).  Fill in this information and click REGISTER.

Choosing a Username:  Account usernames cannot be changed.  Please choose a username connected with your garden or organization, such as the name of your garden or organization.  If your organization oversees more than one garden, your username should be your organization name.  This will allow you to submit multiple garden listings under the same profile.

Choosing an Email:  Choose an email address that you can access during the registration process.

Entering your Garden Name:  Enter the name(s) of your garden(s).  If your group oversees more than one garden, please list all gardens (ex. B Garden, C Garden, D Garden).

  1. Once you click REGISTER, you will be sent back to the login page.  Ignore this page and check your email to locate your password. Look for an email from “vcgnorg” or “”
  2. Click the link provided in the email, which will take you to a different login screen.  Enter your username and the password given in the email and click LOG IN.
  3. You will land on the “Profile” page. Here, you have the option of changing your password to something easier to remember (you can do this later if you prefer). Please also add your first and last name.  Skip the extra info for now (all optional); many of these same questions will be asked in the Garden Directory listing you are about to fill out.  Once you’ve made changes, click UPDATE PROFILE.

Claim a Garden Listing:

  1. Your garden may already be listed in our Garden Directory. Start by searching our Garden Directory for your garden’s name.
  2. If you find your garden in our Directory, check with others involved with your garden or past records to see if you already have a profile (including username and password) for updating your listing.
  3. If already have a profile for your garden or organization, see instructions below to Update Your Listing.
  4. If you don’t have a profile or need to create a new profile, send an email to with your garden’s name and the primary contact info for your garden.
  5. VCGN will send you confirmation if your garden listing is already in our system and a username and password that can be used to update your listing.   Follow the below instructions to Update Your Listing.  You may also want to refer to some of the tips and questions to expect under Submit A New Listing.

Submit a New Garden Listing:

  1. Before you submit a new listing, here is some of the information you will want to make sure you have at your fingertips.  Some of these items are for VCGN purposes only and will not be a part of your Directory listing.
  • Total area of your garden (including individual and communal growing spaces, pathways, common areas, tool shed, etc.) Please indicate square feet or acres
  • Approximate percentage of that area used for food production
  • Number of individual plots in your garden
  • Average plot size
  • Percentage of plots filled last year (will be kept private)
  • Your garden’s annual budget (will be kept private)
  • Funding sources (will be kept private)
  • Coordinator pay and time spent on the garden per week (will be kept private)
  1. To submit a new listing, return to the Garden Directory and click the SUBMIT A LISTING button.  This will take you to a survey about your garden.  The survey takes about 20-30 minutes to fill out.  The information from this survey will generate your garden’s online listing.
  2. For groups managing multiple gardens, please create a new listing for each garden, using your same profile for each.
  3. If possible, it is best to complete the survey in one sitting.  However, if you need to stop before the survey is complete you can scroll to the bottom and click CONTINUE.  This will save what you have entered so far, as long as all “required” questions (noted by an *) are complete.  If you must leave before you’ve completed the survey, please return as soon as possible to ensure that your listing is displayed accurately.
  4. Once you’ve completed the survey, click CONTINUE.  Your new listing will need to first be approved by VCGN before showing up in the Garden Directory.

Update Your Garden Listing:

  1.  Scroll to the bottom of the page and click LOG IN (bottom right of the screen).  To log in you will use the profile information you created, including your Username and Password.
  2. Once you’re logged in, go to the Garden Directory.
  3. Enter your garden name next to SEARCH LISTINGS.
  4. Scroll down until you find your garden listing.  Below your listing you will see three buttons: View, Edit, and Delete.
  5. “View” will show your garden listing as the public sees it.  “Edit” will allow you to update your listing with any changes.  “Delete” will permanently delete your garden listing.


Create a Profile               Submit A New Listing               Update Your Listing