Garden Organizer Handbooks

  • Tools, American Community Garden Association
    A list of links to: sample forms (i.e. plot registration, land use agreement, release of claims, etc.), community garden start-up guides, and more.
  • Community Gardening Toolkit, University of Missouri Extension
    A non-site specific resource for starting, enhancing, and sustaining community garden projects.  Also includes a bit of background of community garden history and descriptions for different types of gardens.
  • Community Garden Management Toolkit, Springfield Food Policy Council
    Compiled by Betsy Johnson, this is a collection of some of the best resources from garden groups and garden networks across the country.
  • From Neglected Parcels to Community Gardens: A Handbook, Wasatch Community Gardens
    A community garden planning handbook for garden leaders with additional information on land use permission and tips for promoting the positive in the face of common community garden challenges.
  • Twin Cities Community Garden Start-up Guide, Gardening Matters, 2007
    A thorough start-up guide for garden leaders with some helpful sample documents.
  • Starting a Community Garden: How to Put Your Plot on the Path to Success, University of Wisconsin Extension
    This 7-page document outlines key steps and tips for starting a community garden.
  • Forsyth Community Gardening: Printed Materials, Forsyth County Cooperative Extension Service, North Carolina
    Here you can find extensive resources on how to start a community garden, legal and safety considerations, garden registration, youth engagement, and a variety of plant and pest links.  Included among the long list of documents is this one-of-a-kind resource: Food Safety for School and Community Gardens.
  • CAC’s New Garden Guide: Starting and Growing a Community Garden, Community Action Coalition for South Central WI, Inc.
    This community garden guide provides tools for starting and sustaining a garden with the notables of an in-depth site-analysis worksheet, garden evaluation tools, and an asset mapping exercise.
  • Building a Community Garden in Your Park: Opportunities for Health, Community, and Recreation, Grow Your Park Initiative, National Recreation and Park Association
    A specific resource for park-based community gardens with resources useful for any community garden, including a community garden planning timeline, common obstacles and opportunities related to building a community garden, garden design tips, growing tips, inspiring photos and stories, and resources.
  • Why Every Church Should Plant a Garden…and How, A Rocha USA
    A specific resource for church-based with a thorough section on engagement.
  • Orange County Community Gardeners Guide, University of Florida and Orange County Extension Education Center
    This resource on starting and managing a community garden includes a wealth of sample forms and documents.
  • Community Garden Policy Reference Guide, Public Health Law Center, William Mitchell College of Law
    This garden leader guide has a unique layout that divides the various community garden planning and management tasks into four sections: local government considerations, land-use planning and zoning, community garden group considerations, and liability.  Within each section each topic is covered as it relates to a specific population: general, policymakers, and gardeners.
  • A Community Garden Manifesto, Newcastle Community Garden Project
    All the way from Callaghan, Australia, this document looks at the community-side of community gardens, addressing issues from “Who’s in charge?” to “Valuing what we do” from the perspective of a variety of gardeners and garden leaders.