Vermont School Garden Art Gallery & Calendar

Art entries for the 2018 calendar are due Sept. 29, 2017.

Last fall we asked students all across the state to submit artwork that reflected the story of Community and School Gardens. We received an abundance of brilliant artwork from 14 different elementary schools. The students shared a visual portrayal of both personal experiences in the garden and the food and enjoyment that they obtain from gardening. Students were prompted with various questions to help inspire creativity:

  • What does our garden look like? Smell like? Taste like?
  • What is my favorite plant in the garden?
  • How am I “rooted” in my garden?
  • What have I learned in the garden?
  • Who eats the food from our garden?

The answers to such questions were clearly and creatively echoed in the students work. Though we would have accepted virtually any media (photo, collage, painting), most students chose to submit a drawing. We are beyond impressed with the artistic talent that came with this year’s submissions. If you would like to take a look for yourself, check out the slide show below, or click here to see the album. 

We chose 15 of the submissions for a 2017 calendar (and yes, it was very difficult to choose!). You can view and download the calendar here.

Garden Art Contest Submissions

The 2018 calendar will be a month-by-month flip page calendar. Want to sponsor next year’s calendar? The deadline is August 18 . More info here.